Root Canal Therapy

We understand that the words, “You need a root canal,” may not exactly be what you were hoping to hear from Dr. Markway or Dr. Haworth. However, you’ll be happy to hear that root canal therapy is not nearly as bad as the false reputation that precedes it. The truth is that with modern dental technology and anesthesia, a root canal is neither painful nor time-consuming. In fact, a root canal is intended to eliminate what may be severe pain that often signals tooth infection.

When bacteria infect the innermost part of a tooth, whether because of severe decay or a deep crack, the tooth begins to die. At this point, the body’s immune system responds and you begin to feel pain. During a root canal, the infected part of your tooth is removed, disinfected, filled with a biocompatible material and sealed. In most cases, we’ll place a new crown on the tooth in order to restore its structure and protect it from any future damage. So, while we don’t expect you to look forward to a root canal, we want you to know that at Gardner Dentists you will receive the best of care. Root canal therapy will preserve your tooth, restore its function and might even cause you to tell friends, “My root canal was great!”

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