Sedation Dentistry

At Gardner Dentists, we are not the least bit offended by people who don’t want to see us. To the contrary, we understand. Millions of Americans count visiting the dentist among their chief fears. As a consequence, they may ignore their dental health needs and avoid visiting the dentist all together. Unfortunately, this can result in serious oral health issues, ranging from tooth decay and gum disease to infection and bite problems. Not seeing a dentist may lead to general health problems, too.

Dr. Markway and Dr. Haworth want to be your partners in maintaining your oral health and overall wellbeing. With this in mind, we offer a number of different sedation dentistry treatments. The one that’s right for you will depend on your level of fear and anxiety, as well as the type of dental procedure that is planned. But whether you only need a routine cleaning or something more serious such as a tooth extraction, we will make sure you are completely comfortable and safe during your visit to Gardner Dentists.

Nitrous Oxide

More commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is appropriate for patients whose dental anxiety is mild. If this is you, then you can look forward to an appointment at Gardner Dentists that is worry free. Once you are comfortably seated in the examination chair, we will place a mask over your nose. Through this mask, you’ll inhale a measured combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen. A feeling of relaxation and contentment will wash over you. As we proceed with your treatment, we’ll monitor your condition and adjust the level of gas, administering more or less as necessary. When your dental work is complete, the mask is removed and in a matter of minutes the effects of nitrous oxide disappear. You’ll be able to carry on with your day as usual, knowing that you’ve done yourself a favor by caring for your teeth and seeing the dentists at Gardner Dentists.

Conscious Oral Sedation

If your dental anxiety prevents you from even getting to the dentist’s office, then Dr. Haworth and Dr. Markway can help. With conscious oral sedation, they’ll prescribe a mild sedative; usually a low does anti-anxiety medication. You’ll take the medicine about one hour before your appointment. Helpful hint: with conscious oral sedation, you’ll need a family member or friend to drive you to and from our office, so you will want to plan accordingly..

Once here, our caring staff will get you settled in one of our comfortable treatment rooms. Then, we can begin your dental work while you relax under a moderate level of sedation. While you’re in our care, we will carefully monitor your condition. Many of our patients who use conscious oral sedation say they don’t remember anything about their procedure. Nevertheless, you will be awake enough for our dentists and their team to communicate with you. When your planned dental procedures are completed, you’ll rest for a few minutes and then be allowed to leave. We recommend that someone stay with you while you recover at home.

If fear and anxiety are keeping you from the dental health you deserve, please call our office to learn more about sedation dentistry. The dentists and staff at Gardner Dentists are here to help. Conveniently located east of Moonlight Road off 56 Highway at 115 N. Moonlight Rd. Gardner KS, Gardner Dentists provides comprehensive dental care for the communities of Gardner, Olathe, Spring Hill, Paola, Baldwin, Ottawa, Lenexa, Lawrence and Overland Park, Kansas.