Why Choose Us?

Compassionate & Comprehensive Family Dental Care

At Gardner Dentists we take pride in not only providing the best of dental care, but also in building lasting relationships with our patients. Having lived in the Kansas City area since 1997, both Dr. Markway and Dr. Haworth love that the residents of our community have become more than neighbors, they’ve also become our friends. Our team wants to be your partner in helping you achieve the oral health you deserve and the beautiful smile you want. We believe in making things as convenient as possible, so we offer a complete menu of general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services. We’re able to meet all the needs of your family, from the youngest to the oldest in an environment that is as comfortable and caring as it is professional. We listen to you, treat you as an individual, and provide thorough education and explanation as to to the options available and then together, develop a treatment plan that addresses your unique dental needs and goals.

Relax with our Patient Comforts

We want your visit with us to be comfortable, like you’re visiting a home away from home. That’s why our Gardner dental office is equipped with a number of features to put you at ease and make you feel welcome. While you’re in our reception area with its cozy fireplace, feel free to use our WiFi connection to check email, Facebook or the latest news. Coffee lovers will look forward to a special drink from our espresso bar. Children can enjoy our fun play area stocked with toys and books. You’ll also find more to enjoy beyond our waiting room. In our treatment rooms, you can relax with a blanket, watch something on one of our TVs, or appreciate the view outside our large, landscape windows that allow you to enjoy the serenity that surrounds our office. Every one of these features is designed to make your visit with us more pleasant and relaxing.

Beyond these office amenities, Gardner Dentists offers sedation dentistry for patients who struggle with dental anxiety. With nitrous oxide or conscious oral sedation and our other comforts, you can be sure your feelings of anxiety will dissolve away and you will achieve optimal oral and overall wellbeing.

You come to see us because you want a beautiful, healthy, and whole smile, and we want to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease during your time with us.  Our advanced technology is another way to ensure that we acheive that.

Digital X-Rays

At Gardner Dentists we are committed to providing our patients with the best and latest technology. Digital imaging is a newer dental X-ray technique that sends radiographic images to a computer. These digital images can then be viewed on a screen, stored or printed.

The benefits of using this new technology include:

• The ability to use less radiation than the typical X-ray. In addition, there is no waiting for a digital X-ray to develop -- the images are available on screen a few moments after they are taken.

• The image taken, of a tooth for example, can be enhanced and enlarged many times its actual size on the computer screen, thus making it easier for us to show you anything of concern.

• The capability of electronically sending images to another dentist or specialist in instances when a second opinion is called for, to determine if the services of another dental professional are required or when you are moving to another city.

• Software added to the computer can help us digitally compare current images to previous ones in a process called subtraction radiography. Using this technique, everything that is the same between two images is "subtracted out" from the image, leaving a clear image of only the portion that is different. This helps Dr. Markway and Dr. Haworth see the slightest changes that may not have been noticed by the naked eye.


Another tool that’s improving the quality of care is DentalVibe. With this unique piece of technology, patients can look forward to more comfortable anesthetic injections. DentalVibe uses comforting vibrations to block any discomfort from the injection itself. Here’s how the process works. First, Dr. Markway or Dr. Haworth use DentalVibe to stimulate the injection site with a series of small vibrations. After a few seconds, the injection follows, but you won’t feel it because of the pleasant vibrations against the soft tissue of your gums. In a short time, the injection is over and you’ll be comfortably numb without ever having felt the pinch of a needle. For patients who might struggle with anxiety, DentalVibe is a welcome advance that’s making dental visits more comfortable.

Call Gardner Dentists to schedule an appointment with our team. Conveniently located east of Moonlight Road off 56 Highway at 115 N. Moonlight Rd. Gardner KS, Gardner Dentists provides comprehensive dental care for the communities of Gardner, Olathe, Spring Hill, Paola, Baldwin, Ottawa, Lenexa, Lawrence and Overland Park, Kansas.